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Lisa Lindt graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education.  From there, she attended the University of Missouri, Kansas City where she graduated with a Masters of Science Degree in Reading Education.  She taught throughout various Kansas schools, gaining experience as an elementary classroom teacher and a reading resource teacher, setting up various reading classrooms to assist the readers who need additional instruction. She has gained knowledge in working with dyslexic students and implemented Reading Readiness programs from the knowledge that was gained at the Fundamental Learning Center in Wichita, Kansas. She has also gained knowledge in working with hyperlexic and autistic students and implemented Visualizing and Verbalizing programs from the knowledge gained at the Lindamood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking Program, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Lisa received her Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Certification in March, 2010.  She is currently offering RDI® program consultation to local and distance families, and is educating teachers and staff members about how to better meet the needs of students who learn differently.  She has attended workshops, webinars, and conferences to continue to learn about treatment approaches for autism. 

In October of 2011, Lisa began her training with Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, PhD, in the Masgutova Neurostructural Reflex Integration (MNRI) program.  She earned her Core Speciaist degree in 2016 and is currently offering MNRI work in the areas of Auditory and Visual Integration, Tactile Integration, Neurostructural Integration, Dynamic and Postural Integration, Stress Hormones and Anxiety integration, PTSD Integration, Archetype Movement Integration, Proprioceptive and Cognitive Integration, Integration for Children with Challenges, and Maximizing Brain Potentials for the Classroom.  The Masgutova method has proven to help children with challenges become more successful in the classroom and more confident in life.

In January of 2012, Lisa received training from Bill Hubert in the Bal-a-vis-x (BAVX) program.  BAVX is a program comprised of exercises using sand bags and balls that help children control impulsivity, work within limits, establish joint attention, and develop auditory and visual processing skills.  It allows the right and left brain to exercise integration, or in other words, strengthen neural pathways.  BAVX is proven to help children with learning differences, specifically Autism, visual processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, and ADD/ADHD.

Step by Step


  • Graduated from University of Kansas, 1988, B.S., Ed

  • Graduated from University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1990, M.S., Ed.

  • Taught throughout Kansas, 1988-2014

    • Classroom teacher at the elementary level

    • Title One Reading Teacher

    • Started reading labs in various schools from the ground up

    • Implemented Reading Readiness and Visualizing and Verbalizing programs

    • Consults with principal to create frameworks and implement strategies for best educational practices for individual students

      • Remediates developmental differences with MTSS tier 1-3 students

  • Completed RDI Certification, 2010

  • SMART training, 2010

  • MNRI Core Specialist, 2016

  • BAVX training 2008-2012 with Bill Hubert

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