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Motivated by their own children’s struggles, The Village Tutors was formed in 2004 when a group of women, formerly known as The Reading Ladies, began to provide one-on-one, evidence-based, Orton-Gillingham based support for grade-school students who struggled in reading.

The Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex IntegrationSM (MNRI®) training programs provide professionals and families with revolutionary, foundational knowledge and guidance in addressing neurologically based challenges.

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Wilson is a provider of research-based reading and spelling programs for all ages. Its multisensory, structured curricula – Fundations®, Wilson Just Words®, the Wilson Reading System®, and Wilson Fluency®/Basic have been proven highly effective.

Bal-A-Vis-X is a series of Balance/Auditory/Vision eXercises, of varied complexity, all of which are deeply rooted in rhythm.  Exercises are done with sand-filled bags and racquetballs, sometimes while standing on a balance board.

Brain Gym® International is committed to the principle that moving with intention leads to optimal learning. Through outstanding instructors and movement-based programs, they empower all ages to reclaim the joy of living.

Lindamood-Bell's research-validated instruction is internationally recognized as one of the most effective methods for developing literacy skills.  Their one-to-one instruction goes beyond traditional tutoring and develops the underlying skills necessary for reading, spelling, comprehension, critical thinking, and math.

Saxon® Phonics and Spelling fills the gap left by basal reading programs that fail to help children read at grade level. The explicit, systematic phonics instruction provides the tools children need to achieve a lifetime of reading success.

Fundamental Learning Center disseminate quality research-based programs and knowledge to educate and empower children, including children with dyslexia, educational professionals, concerned parents, and the broader community for the purpose of significantly improving individual literacy skills.


At Rush NeuroBehavioral Center, we’re all about kids. RNBC is a unique place, where a team of clinical, education and research professionals believe strongly in building on the strengths of children, teens, and young adults.

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