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Laughter, joy, happiness....all should be part of our children's lives, especially as they mature into junior high and high school.  Unfortunately, many children are experiencing stress and anxiety during their teenage years.

Stress is a part of life.  Hearing and/or experiencing heart-breaking stories and traumatic events are unfortunately part of life’s experiences.  Some stress is normal, but when a person experiences an over-abundance of stress, the body resides in a state of constant reaction and alertness.  In this state, it can be difficult to think clearly, move fluidly, and enjoy activities and social gatherings.  Many children (K-12) live in a high state of stress paired with high anxiety, depression, OCD, and other mental challenges.  But relief can be provided.

By using techniques to relax the body and reduce the protection response, a state of mental clarity, confidence, and happiness can be reached.  The approach aims at re-establishing nervous system resilience for handling stress which results in a calmer, more confident state of being.  

Your child would benefit from this program if:

  • It is difficult to concentrate and study

  • Self-esteem is low

  • There is school refusal

  • Depression is a concern

  • School becomes difficult despite the intellectual ability

  • Daily living seems overwhelming

Stress & Anxiety Management | Step by Step
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