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Knowing what to do to get yoru child ready for school by the expert


Parents often wonder if their young child is ready for school.  Many questions of readiness - emotionally, physically, behaviorally—can be a sense of concern for parents.  

Other times parents feel their child is ready for school only to discover that expectations in the classroom are very different than what the child is capable of performing, despite intellectual ability to do so.


​Being able to attend, focus, listen, control body movements, and display emotional regulation is key to a positive experience in the classroom.  The School Readiness program is used to develop and enhance critical readiness skills that students need to succeed in school.  


A variety of multi-sensory strategies are used to help your 3-6-year-old reveal personal potential.   Activities and exercises are based on developmental milestones to enhance student’s gross and fine motor skills, to integrate the auditory and visual systems, to improve eye-hand coordination, and develop other necessary skills needed for learning and achieving academic success.  The movement activities are easily incorporated into the child’s day and are highly motivating and enjoyable.

Let’s have some fun with ball exercises and physical movements to gain the necessary skills for the greatest personal, academic, and emotional success!  

The School Readiness program is appropriate if you want to improve your child’s…

  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • Eye-hand coordination

  • Auditory processing skills

  • Visual processing skills

  • Sensory processing skills

  • Readiness for academic learning

  • Brain-based movement skills

  • Brain stem and brain cortex integration

  • Confidence

School Readiness | Sterp by Step

The School Readiness program can be used in daycares, in pre-k through 2nd-grade classrooms, in individual therapy sessions, or as part of a home program.

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