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BAVX (Bal-A-Vis-X) is a series of exercises performed with bags and balls.  Children perform these exercises from the very simplest form to the most complex form. In order to perform the exercises, children must be able to work within limits, share joint attention with their partner, track the balls/bags with their visual system, match the rhythm of their partner with their auditory system, and control impulsive desires in order to be in rhythm/have success with their partner. The midline of the body is crossed thousands of times in three dimensions in a steady, rhythmic manner. This way, BAVX enables the whole brain-body system to experience a symmetrical flow which can increase neural processing in the two hemispheres of the brain.

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Step by Step

BAVX is appropriate if you want to improve your child’s…

  • Joint attention

  • Ability to work within limits

  • Focusing skills

  • Physical regulation

  • Emotional regulation

  • Visual tracking skills

  • Auditory processing skills

  • Eye-hand coordination

BAVX is used with anyone of any age that can hold a beanbag in some sort of way.

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